Chambres d’hôtes de charme en Anjou, Val de Loire

Lieu-dit Beaulieu
06 87 12 21 83

Chambres d’hôtes de charme en Anjou, Val de Loire

Lieu-dit Beaulieu
06 87 12 21 83

Our story

When you feel addict to the «douceur angevine»

Do you believe in happenstance ? … I do. The meanders of life which brought us in this beautiful Region of Anjou where we have never been before 2015 … the studies of our daughter in Angers Art School, our travels to and from Angers to visit her, the loss of a job for one of us in our Region, a job opportunity for the other one in Angers … And then an obviousness : the desire of changing the lifestyle of urban people we were, to live closer to nature and the treasures and joy it brings us, to priviledge trustworthy human relationships and to reject a job-related stress that you can’t bare anymore …
Happenstance once again for the visit of this house which were not in our selected ones … visited at the last minute … the last visit … but the good one it appears !

Still the happenstance in the fact that our nice neighbour is the grandson of the builder of this nice house of the beginning of the 20th Century, and that we then have the chance that he was able to tell us a bit of its story …

The rooms

Julius room

98 € per night for 2 people

Up to 2 people, breakfast included

Capucine room

98 € per night for 2 people

Up to 2 people, breakfast included

Max & Léon family suite

128 € per night for 2 or 3 people + 20 € per additional people

Up to 5 people, breakfast included



Common room

A large room is reserved to our guests : living room with television, books, board games, darts game … It is possible as well to diner in this room where breakfast is served in the morning. Guests will have at their disposal the following equipment : fridge, microwave, crockery, high chair for baby …


A hearty breakfast will be served in the common room or in the garden on sunny days, between 08.00 am and 10.00 am. In case of exceptional schedule necessity, we will do our best to help you to manage it.


In order to guarantee a quality and efficient service for the preparation of your room, the welcoming and the access to your room will take place from 05.00 pm, and the room must be vacated by 11.00 am at the latest on the day of departure.
Room is free for baby : a baby bed and bathtub at your disposal if needed.

Lunch tray option

If you wish, you have the possibility to book a lunch tray for your dinner. This one is made with good quality products : artisanal canned food in glass jars and without any food additive or preservative.

Composition of the lunch : main course, cheese, salad, bread, pastry, organic and local apple juice,  for 24 € per people / 18 € for children. If you are interested in this option, we will give you the detail of the different dishes proposed, at the booking step (vegetarian dish also proposed).

The story of the house

La Maison Beaulieu (It is its name …)

was built by a dad, master bricklayer « compagnon du devoir », for his 2nd daughter’s birth in 1909 … nice story isn’t it ? … The materials used for the building are typically local, the sandstone extracted on site and the tuffeau coming from the Saumur region. Deep foundations guarantee the perfect stability of the house and enabled the building of a beautiful vaulted cellar intended for wine-making and its storage (indeed it is in this cellar, which has been transformed of course, that the common room for our guests is located). A press with a wooden cage, preserved until the 1980s, enabled to press the grapes. The production quantity record was a hundred barrels ; the wine was shipped by boat on the Loire river from the Port of Saint Maur to be sold in Angers.

At the beginning, the Moor of Beaulieu was a closerie, also called the tenant farm of Monsieur l’Abbé, depending from Saint Maur Abbey (our house is about 1 km from Saint-Maur Abbey). Sick people suffering from « mal de Saint Méen », kind of infected scabbies affecting especially hands (hum … not very glamourous, isnt it…), were collected and cared for in this place. Finally, it seems that in the 17th Century, and even ages before, Beaulieu was a chaplaincy where the poor, the pilgrims and the sick people were welcomed.


By phone:
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Marie & Pascal Spicher
Lieu-dit Beaulieu